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Our Work

The following list represents our professional experience in the industry. Each role we've held has been extremely important for our careers, as each one has contributed something unique to our personal and professional development. For references or additional information about anything listed below, get in touch directly.

Puzzle Lab

A product launch video for Puzzle Lab, a Victoria based puzzle company, to showcase their parametric jigsaw puzzles. In collaboration with up-and-coming artists across Canada, Puzzle Lab designs and manufactures heirloom-quality puzzles that merge technology, art, and nature. Using generative AI to design these parametric shapes, each puzzle has a unique cut pattern, so you won’t find the same piece twice!  


The making of parametric vendor pods, designed and created by Studio Robazzo in collaboration with Mayfair Shopping Center. The pods were showcased at Mayfair Connect, the exclusive opening event of the extended shopping center in Victoria BC.

Victoria Fashion Week

A bird’s eye view of the eclectic Victoria fashion scene. As the official cinematographers for Victoria Fashion Week, Astros Media had exclusive behind the scenes access and a front stage view of the up-and-coming fashion industry in Victoria BC.

Woodrift & Co.

A making off video of West Coasters, a product by Victoria based company Woodrift & Co. This promo video for the company captures the creative processes involved in custom designing and manufacturing of the handmade coasters from reclaimed local driftwood on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Canadian Tire

Victoria based tech company Limbic Media collaborated with a local Canadian Tire location, to install an interactive lighting display to raise money for charity for the local Hillside community during the holidays. The display shows of Limbic Media’s Aurora lighting system that reacts to sound.

Heard That

A demo video for Singular Hearing, showcasing the functioning of HeardThat, an innovative app that turns your smartphone into a sophisticated hearing-assistive device using AI based algorithms. HeardThat helps with communication challenges by delivering clear speech in noisy environments.

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