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At Astros Media, we work with your project in mind. If you have a great idea that you would like to see come to fruition, we can help bring it into reality. If its the equipment or crew or whether its anything else we can plan your project from conception to script to completion. In our arsenal, we regularly work with location managers, writers, and directors from all across the country to get things done for you. 


Astros Media takes account of what you need and when it comes to production. Astros Media provides thorough and comprehensive pre-production services for any sized production so you dont have to worry about it. We will take whatever idea you have and develop it, write it, location scout it, shoot it, direct it and edit it. We work with every project from conception to completion and we are extremely proud of the diverse network of people at our disposal.

We primarily work on Vancouver Island however we have recently worked on production in England, Germany, Netherlands and Bulgaria so no project is too far. 


Astros Media has a full production studio of equipment at your disposal to ensure the highest quality product is made. At our disposal we have the finest selection of equipment and we taylor that equipment to your needs.

At Astros media we provide the following services 

  • Directing

  • Producing 

  • Film and Video Photography

  • Aerial Video and Photography

  • Stock Footage

  • Linear and Non-Linear Editing(Adobe/Avid or Final Cut)

  • HDTV Production Packages

  • Crew Placement

  • Production Management

  • Production Co-ordination

  • Location Sound

  • Audio Post Production

  • Streaming Media 

  • Colour Grading 

  • Animation



Astros Media provides the highest quality editing suites in our office located in downtown Victoria. We offer comprehensive post-production services. We work in whatever post-production workflow that suits your project best so if that is in the Adobe Suite, Avid or Final Cut, then we have you covered. We also provide colour grading services in-house.  Furthermore, we can deliver in any format required for the project.


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