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The Team



Sohan Pereira


As a producer at Astros, Sohan coordinates between clients, artists and the creative teams. Having graduated with a master's degree in business, he oversees all aspects of operations from pre to post-production while keeping projects within specified budgets. Besides operations, Sohan is also actively involved with the content development and creative processes here at Astros.


Having both directed and shot a variety of films and multimedia projects across Europe and North America, Alex has a wealth of storytelling experience.

Alex has diverse experience in film and television as a Cinematographer and Director


Alex Lussenburg 


Matthew brings a diverse skill set to Astros as director. He has extensive experience

in editing, animation, lighting, and cinematography. Trained in film in Denmark. 

He works together to create top quality content and storytelling on all projects.

Matthew Lussenburg 
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